Vaccination of Belarasa at the Catholic Church complex of The Administrative Parish of Santa Maria Mater Dei Bonoharjo

The green expanse of leeks, warmly welcomed the morning sun on the edge of Bonoharjo Street, Sentolo, Kulon Progo, DIY. The invited guest car is neatly parked in accordance with the directions of the Police and the committee.

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, located at the Catholic Church complex of The Administrative Parish of Santa Maria Mater Dei Bonoharjo, the first Dose of Belarasa Vaccination using the Sinovac vaccine type was held.

Vaccinations are carried out thanks to the cooperation of the West Yogyakarta Kevikepan with diy police, Bhayangkara Polda DIY hospital, and Bhayangkari D.I. Yogyakarta region has prepared 1000 doses for people and local residents.

Vikep Of West Yogyakarta, Father Alphonsus Rodriques Yudono Suwondo, Pr said this Belarasa Vaccination is evidence of the compassion of Catholics and the community in overcoming the covid19 pandemic – which is a common enemy, it must be faced together as well. The Church wants to continue to be involved and cooperate in efforts to heal the state.

This activity was attended by several officials: Gusti Kanjeng Bendara Raden Ayu Paku Alam X; Irjen Pol. Drs. Asep Suhendar, M.Si (DIY Police Chief) and Mother, Mrs. Dhani Asep Suhendar who is also the Chairman of Bhayangkari DiY; Mrs. Anggi Bambang (Secretary of TP PKK DIY); Ny. Rina Afianto (Chairman of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Koorcabrem 072 PD IV/ DIP); Ny. Sonia.M. Yani Amirullah (Chairman of PIA Ardhya Garini Cab 2 / G II Lanud Adisutjipto); Mrs. Auliya Agus Sulistyo (PJS Chairman of Cab 8 Korcab V DJS II Lanal DIY; Commander kodim 0731/Kulon Progo Lieutenant Colonel Inf Yefta Trumpetkala, S.Sos; Vice Regent of Kulon Progo, Fajar Gegana; and AKBP Muharomah Fajarini, S.H, S.I.K; Also present were Vikep Yogyakarta Timur Father Adrianus Maradiyo, Pr and Parish Priest Father Petrus Noegroho Agoeng Sriwidodo, Pr.

G.K.B.R.Ay Paku Alam X who is also commonly called Gusti Putri, thanked him for the implementation of The Belarasa Vaccination in Bonoharjo Church, and also gave appreciation for the achievement of 72% of vaccination rates in Kulonprogo which is the result of cooperation from all parties. He also “nyuwun” so that women “kerso” in the vaccine – in Kulon Progo the number of women is more than men.

In line with Gusti Putri, Kulon Progo Police Chief, AKBP Muharomah Fajarini, S.H, S.I.K, thanked him for the facilities provided and prepared by Mater Dei Bonoharjo Church. He also always remembered the message of Gusti Putri, although in terms of women’s work is a minority, but kulalitas must dominate.

For Ignatius Suwono, who is one of the organizers as well as parishioners, this vaccination can provide a sense of calm and comfort.

On this occasion, there was also a souvenir exchange from the Police and the Church, as well as the offering of songs from PIA Bonoharjo, and expressions of love through roses. The invited guests jointly reviewed the implementation of vaccinations – which went quite smoothly and neatly.

After the vaccination, the participants got an ijo bean drink from the church, as well as a gift from PD Bhayangkari D.I. Yogyakarta.

Let’s get involved, let’s get involved, God bless us!


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