The Face of Diversity in the Mass Vaccination of the Parish of St. Peter and Paul Minomartani


The position of the sun moving towards the southern hemisphere, causing morning in the area of Jl. Bandeng II no 23, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, feels warmer than usual.

The parking area, which is the entrance to the first phase of the mass vaccination, has been guarded by volunteers to ensure the participants have cleaned their hands with hand sanitizer, checked body temperature, and prepared new masks for participants when it was time to change masks.

Around 1200 parishioners and the public received the Sinovac type of vaccination, which is a collaboration between the Catholic Church of the Parish of St. Peter and Paul Minomartani, the Health Office, and the National Police, on September 25, 2021; When exactly at 10.00 WIB, Indonesia Raya reverberated proudly, which was felt by all present in the church area.

For the parish priest, Father Antonius Gunardi Prayitno, MSF, the implementation of this vaccination is a form of the church’s longing to participate in community life, and this vaccination can be a blessing and unite the community; the more true fraternity is, and the more compassion is manifested. Tolerance and a sense of family are very evident; The volunteers who worked hand in hand to make this event a success, were not only from OMK but also from the Javanese Christian Church and from the Youth Mosque. Father Anton added that vaccination is also a form of family apostolate.

Always healthy, always enthusiastic, and always have good will.

God Bless you