Flowing Blessings with the Parish of St. Yusuf Bandung Gunungkidul


September 21, 2021, East Yogyakarta Kevikepan, APP Team for East Yogyakarta Kevikepan, and PSE St. Parish. Yusuf Bandung together visited the location of the construction of houses and the distribution of clean water for several residents.

The construction of this simple livable house was intended for one of the people, Mrs. Hermin, who really needed a house to take shelter with her 3 children. Hermin’s mother is a single parent who has to struggle to support her children and has no place to live. Meanwhile, his income as a motorcycle taxi driver can only meet food needs. Seeing this, PSE St. Yusuf Parish Bandung together with Kevikepan Jogja Timur and assisted by APP funds built a house for Mrs. Hermin’s family.

Fr. Andrianus Maradiyo, Pr revealed that this activity is a form of the church’s compassion for people who really need it, especially for basic needs.

Fr. Antonius Hendri Atmoko, Pr added that the construction of this house is a manifestation of the sensitivity of the PSE team and the people in seeing brothers and sisters in need. The involvement of the people, PSE, and citizens is very much needed and solidarity and mutual cooperation are evident in helping the construction of houses.

After reviewing the construction site of the house, all teams immediately headed to the location of the clean water dropping in the Giri Sekar area, Panggang, Gunungkidul. People in the area are having a hard time getting clean water and the parish quickly helps distribute clean water to 379 families throughout 2021.

Fr. J. Bilie Cahyo Adi, Pr revealed that one of the focuses of APP’s program is the distribution of clean water assistance, especially in the very dry Gunungkidul area. In addition to helping build houses, sending clean water, he also sent milk, eggs, and fruit for health workers, educational assistance and self-isolation assistance.

Fr. Episcopal vicar of East Jogja, Fr. Andrianus Maradiyo, Pr, emphasized that the concern of the people in the Pundong area which is experiencing drought is also our common concern and we hope that this clean water assistance can help the people and residents in need a little. May the presence of the church really be a blessing to the community.

Fr. Antonius Hendri Atmoko, Pr, added that the church shared blessings not only for church members but also residents. The realization of this water distribution is also due to the cooperation of the people, residents, local RTs who apply for assistance to the church. The church is happy to help distribute clean water.

Fr. Macarius Maharsono Probho SJ, revealed that what has been done by the eastern jogja vicar and parish of St. Yusup Bandung is a place to express our concern as Catholics to our brothers and sisters in need. Hopefully this activity will be of interest to young people.

Friends of Komsos, there are so many of our brothers and sisters who need help in meeting their basic needs. Let’s move to share blessings to help our brothers and sisters.

God Bless you