Logo and motto of Mgr Robertus Rubiyatmoko

The coat of arms of Archbishop Robertus Rubiyatmoko is a shield which is divided into three parts: two parts above, left and right, and one large part below.

At the top left, on a blue background, is a mountain in white, and a golden yellow six-pointed star above it. This mountain symbolizes his birthplace, in a fertile agricultural area, with views of Mount Merapi to the north. The image of the star on the mountain symbolizes Allah, the creator of the universe.

At the top right, on a red background, is a golden yellow balance, the symbol for the legal profession, which is the Archbishop’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise .

At the bottom of the shield, on a yellowgold background, is the white Easter Lamb, standing facing left with his head turned to the right.

This Passover Lamb’s head has a white circle of glory with a red cross in the center. The Lamb flanks with its right forelegs a flagpole tipped with a cross with the red flag of St. George’s Cross on a white cloth. The Paschal Lamb flanking this flag is a symbol of Christ who has overcome death and risen victoriously to save mankind. This holy Lamb is also a symbol of faith, innocence, courage, tenderness, purity, and a steadfast spirit.

On top of the shield was placed a galero or clerical distinctive green hat, with 10 tassels on each side.

In the center of the back of the shield is a golden yellow stake cross, with two horizontal bars. This green galero with 10 tassels along with a stake cross with two horizontal bars is a sign that the owner of the coat of arms is an archbishop.

Finally, at the bottom of the shield is a golden yellow band, bearing the Latin motto of Archbishop Rubi’s shepherding: Quaerere et Salvum Facere which means To Seek and To Save (Luke 19:10).